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GENDER female BODY TYPE slim/petite ETHNICITY other HAIR brown WEIGHT53 kilos HEIGHT1 68 centimeters AGE29 SEXUAL PREFERENCEstraight DRINKoccasional DRUGS never OCCUPATION/MAJORteacher of dance SCHOOLculture and arts FAVORITE FOOD chicken with broccoli, salmon and rice, in and out burger PETSc at named casper and little fluffy pomeranian boo AUTOMOBILE motorbike honda cbr, bicycle mint

I am genuine and creative girl and i enjoy expressing myself through arts.

I grew up in Russia (Mom is Russian and dad was British).

Mom forced me into music and thats where i learned to play accordion (true story).

Later I focused on dance for my education and trained to be a dance instructor.

My favorite styles of dance are ballet and contemporary.

I am respectful in character and always lend an ear to my friends. I love to laugh and be silly.

To me, life is about exploring and learning and finding beauty in things.

These days Im focusing on my artwork and trying to improve my skill.

I cant say that i will ever be a truly great artist but this is how I enjoy to spend my free time and to express myself.

To be honest this section is one of the hardest to write down so ive asked people on twitter to describe me in a few words if they can:) Here is what ive got.

"Loves lamas and furry things, feed the troll!! Strong, independent, cultured, charming, sensuous, fascinating, prime candidate for BFF/GF/Wife." @vizi

"Kind. Sweet. Troll. One of the best people I know. Proud to call you a friend. Oh and you are stunningly gorgeous." @gedge

"Youre a very lovable person, who likes to chat and troll with people, and you are good in dancing." @FrozenMoonBae

"You are supreme natural beauty that knows how to use it. Career drive model that knows what is expect in her room and knows how to please her followers. Sasha and her crew are good support group for each other and there goals and what happens in life. Sasha is the truly Pro of MFC she should be the example of Brains, beauty and entertainment." @Mickg91

"I think you are spontaneous, fresh and open for your closer people, but i dont know if shy is the word." @MsRoseeMFC

"Positive, pet lover, funny, unique." @Claramfc_

"People come to the room because she is pretty but stay for the funny, entertaining and sarcastic chat." NewAroundHere

"Sasha Bae is a stunning sweet lady with an elegant personality that will mesmerize you. She is a fun-loving, sometimes crazy, sometimes humorous, woman that appreciates the people that appreciate her. Her smile will melt your heart, her body will excite you, and you will fall in love with this delightful lady!" BaeWolf